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[SND] America - Sister Golden Hair.mp3 28-Jul-2003 13:56 3.1M [SND] America - Ventura Highway.mp3 26-Sep-2003 10:16 3.1M [SND] April Wine Wonderful Time To_Fall In Love.mp3 05-Nov-2005 17:03 3.3M [SND] April_Wine_-_You_Won't_Dance_With_Me.mp3 24-Feb-2003 20:26 3.4M [SND] Badfinger - No Matter What(-2).mp3 12-May-2007 19:37 2.8M [SND] Band (The) - The Weight.mp3 24-Feb-2003 21:07 4.1M [SND] Beatles - Obla Di Obla Da(E).mp3 22-Apr-2007 17:38 2.9M [SND] Bee Gees - To Love Somebody(-2).mp3 12-May-2007 19:38 2.8M [SND] Billy Joel - You May Be Right.mp3 11-Nov-2005 10:16 3.8M [SND] Billy_Idol_-_White_Wedding.mp3 26-Sep-2003 11:09 3.3M [SND] Blue Rodeo - Bulletproof.mp3 23-Feb-2003 22:34 4.3M [SND] Blue Rodeo - How Long.mp3 07-Oct-2004 12:59 3.7M [SND] Blue_Rodeo_-_Bad_Timing.mp3 29-Sep-2004 08:20 4.7M [SND] Blue_Rodeo_-_Head_Over_Heels.mp3 28-Jul-2003 13:59 2.8M [SND] Blue_Rodeo_-_It_Could_Happen_to_You.mp3 07-Oct-2004 13:00 4.6M [SND] Blue_Rodeo_-_Rena.mp3 26-Dec-2005 15:38 6.3M [SND] Blue_Rodeo_-_Til_I_Am_Myself_Again.mp3 24-Feb-2003 20:30 3.6M [SND] Blue_Rodeo_-_Try.mp3 23-Aug-2006 19:01 3.7M [SND] Bruce Springsteen-Fire.mp3 22-Apr-2007 17:38 2.9M [SND] Bryan Adams - Cloud Number Nine(-2).mp3 01-Dec-2003 16:22 3.4M [SND] Bryan Adams - Run To You(-2).mp3 22-Apr-2007 17:39 3.6M [SND] Bryan_Adams_-_Back_To_You.mp3 21-Sep-2005 08:47 4.1M [SND] CCR-ProudMary.mp3 26-Sep-2003 10:30 2.9M [SND] CCR_-_Who'll_Stop_the_Rain.mp3 28-Sep-2003 12:10 2.3M [SND] Diamond Rio - One More Day.mp3 07-Oct-2004 13:01 3.3M [SND] Dixie Chicks - Not Ready To Make Nice(-1).mp3 04-Mar-2007 20:13 3.6M [SND] Don_McLean_-_American_Pie.mp3 29-Sep-2004 08:27 7.8M [SND] Doobie_Brothers_-_Listen_To_The_Music.mp3 25-Apr-2007 17:39 3.5M [SND] Eagles (The) - Best of My Love.mp3 20-Sep-2004 09:35 4.2M [SND] Eagles (The) - Tequila Sunrise.mp3 11-Apr-2004 14:49 2.6M [SND] Eagles - Seven Bridges Road (Live).mp3 16-Dec-2004 10:59 2.7M [SND] Eagles_-_One_of_These_Nights.mp3 11-Nov-2005 10:18 4.4M [SND] Eagles_-_Peaceful_Easy_Feeling.mp3 29-Sep-2004 08:29 3.9M [SND] Eagles_-_Please_Come_Home_For_Christmas.mp3 04-Nov-2007 19:57 2.7M [SND] Eagles_-_Take_It_Easy.mp3 24-Feb-2003 20:37 5.9M [SND] Fastball_-_The_Way.mp3 24-Feb-2003 20:41 3.9M [SND] Garth Brooks - Friends in Low Places.mp3 23-Sep-2004 21:16 4.0M [SND] Grand_Funk_Railroad_-_Some_Kind_of_Wonderful.mp3 27-Sep-2007 09:46 2.9M [SND] Hollies_-_Long_Cool_Woman.mp3 29-Sep-2004 08:22 3.0M [SND] J.Frank Wilson And The Cavaliers - Last Kiss.mp3 07-Oct-2004 13:04 2.3M [SND] Jim Croce - Workin At The Car Wash Blues.mp3 07-Oct-2004 13:04 2.3M [SND] Jimmy_Buffett_-_Margaritaville.mp3 11-Nov-2005 10:19 3.9M [SND] John Cougar Mellencamp - Hurts So Good.mp3 16-May-2005 09:34 3.4M [SND] John_Landry_-_Fantasy_Island.mp3 07-Oct-2004 13:06 3.6M [SND] John_Mellencamp_-_Wild_Night.mp3 24-Feb-2003 20:49 3.2M [SND] Matchbox 20 - If You're Gone.mp3 24-Feb-2003 20:56 6.3M [SND] Nick_Lowe_-_I_Knew_the_Bride.mp3 26-Sep-2003 10:36 4.1M [SND] ONEders (The) - That Thing You Do(-2).mp3 27-May-2006 23:21 2.5M [SND] Paul Simon - Kodachrome.mp3 21-Mar-2003 07:15 3.2M [SND] Pointer Sisters - Fire(G).mp3 22-Apr-2007 17:40 3.2M [SND] Powder Blues - Doin' It Right.mp3 24-Feb-2003 21:00 3.0M [SND] Richard Marx - Hazard(-1).mp3 12-Sep-2007 18:11 4.8M [SND] Ritchie_Valens_-_Donna.mp3 07-Oct-2004 13:08 2.1M [SND] Robert_Palmer_-_Bad_Case_of_Lovin_You.mp3 24-Feb-2003 21:03 2.9M [SND] Rolling_Stones_(The)_-_Get_Off_My_Cloud.mp3 29-Sep-2004 08:31 2.7M [SND] Rolling_Stones_(The)_-_Honky_Tonk_Woman.mp3 23-Aug-2006 22:16 2.3M [SND] Seals & Crofts-Summer Breeze.mp3 23-Feb-2007 21:03 3.1M [SND] Sheryl Crow - Strong Enough.mp3 23-Sep-2007 12:16 2.9M [SND] Tom_Petty_-_Running_Down_a_Dream.mp3 29-Sep-2004 08:32 3.0M [SND] Turtles - Happy Together(-2).mp3 28-Jun-2006 09:22 2.7M [SND] Van_Morrison_-_Brown_Eyed_Girl.mp3 24-Feb-2003 21:11 2.8M